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SirDam Vodka


SirDam Vodka

SirDam Vodka. A bottle or just a piece of art. Inside an amazing vodka, produced in the Netherlands with water out of Amsterdam. 

Not too much movement, no glitches or splashes, no effects and no lies. Just the Bottle.

If you ask, why is Cem writing this in English? It’s very easy. The owners of the SirDam Bottle,  good friend of ours, are from the Netherlands and don’t speak german. So it may be possible that they are going to read that. So why not in a language both understand.

J.Kagan and Baran Han

The two founders of the Dutch Vodka. J.Kagan Han and Baran Han

We, the founders of CosmosPictures Video Production, and the founders of SirDam met a long time ago in Bodrum, a beautiful place in the Turkish aegaeis. At that time, none of us did what we do today. So years pass, we stay in contact, meet almost every year in the same place where we once met. Burak and I are going in the Media and Film direction, having our first jobs and getting better and better, and the two Boys Kagan Hand and Baran Han are working on stuff and in the end, after a lot of hard work and sweat, founding their own vodka Brand. SirDam Vodka. So this shall be enough about the past. So the bottle is on the market. It is in stores, in bars and in restaurants. 

So we got the task to show the beauty of the bottle. Time for a Vodka Bottle Commercial.

As you know from our video, the bottle has something special, something that makes you keep the bottle after you finished drinking it.
It looks very nice, but why.

The Bottle is full of little details, that tell a story, a story of Amsterdam. Rapped up and drawn in golden lines. The golden lines are very reflective, means every source of light is giving you a reflection on the bottle. That makes it a bit complicated, setting detailed light to let those parts reflect, what you want to get reflected. Challenge accepted and challenge won.

It was very clear to us that there should be nothing distracting, nothing that’s trying to give the mood because the bottle itself is the mood. So full focus on the bottle, black background, maybe with some golden details, or golden silk, fitting to the copperish golden design on the bottle.

Not too much movement, no glitches or splashes, no effects and no lies. Just the Bottle.

We think it got amazing, epic and mature. We are proud of this video.
Additionally, to this, we created a dozen pictures for this campaign. The Pictures are either in the same style as the video, or just plain pictures. This pictures are, going to accompany the video and pushing its effect on the consumer. 

Let me show you some examples. 

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