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If you are looking for a social media agency in Germany, then you are in the right spot. We are your Social Media Agency in Germany

We provide Online and Social Media Marketing solutions. We create strategies and creative concepts, concerning your product, brand or company. Additionally, we do productional work, Media and Content Creation. 

Under one adress we combine the marketing and productional side. Instead of working with multiple companies, agencies and freelancers, we will provide you all the services you need with just one contact. This way we assure you, that your wishes, aims are in good place inbetween our walls. Since we have provide you a one contact solution for your Social Media Brand, this comes along with time efficiency, flexibility when it comes to your

Social Media Agency Germany

Why Us ?

Our Agency is led by three persons, which bring a steady experience in the industry, as in the Film industry, Tv and Marketing world and Content Creation. This way we cover all your needs and can work you through your project and campaign. 

Since we are not a big Agency with hundreds of employees and hundreds of customers, we are very flexible, meaning that you as a customer and your brand or company will have top priority. Also, which might seem like common sense but isnt, but our company will come up with special and personolized strategies and concepts, and there will be no copy and paste content. Furthermore you will recieve content, which is far more special and proffessional than what your employe social media manager is capable of. For further Content of ours, check our Instagram : www.instagram.com/wwwcosmospicturescom

What do we offer ?

We offer a full-service solution. Beginning from the consulting side, we create marketing plans. Therefore we analyze your company/brand or product with the given information. Additionally, we analyse your competitor. 

A monthly creative concept, with moods, styles, ideas and scripts on content and media. Connected to this, we create your content plan.

We do preproductional work as well as the production itself. We create commercial clips, photoshoots, product videos, social media content and creator-based content. 

The distribution can be made by us as well as the community management.

To wrap up the circle we collect and analyze the data from the platforms which we used to check and control our work for further progress.

We would be more than happy to work with you, and help you with our knowledge and experience and create a path which leads you to your goals.


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